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    Groundsmaster® 4100-D (30608)

    Groundsmaster® 4100-D (30608)

    The Groundsmaster® 4100-D delivers power where you need it most – to cut grass, no matter how challenging the conditions. With Smart Power™ technology, high engine torque and patented, efficient deck drive systems, this mower is designed for productivity. Excellent trimming capability to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease, mow a 0 uncut circle, for back and forth patterns leaving no uncut grass. Patented, parallel hydraulic traction system with new, all time traction assist, maintains consistent hydraulic flow between front and rear wheels to assure full time 4-wheel drive to mow with confidence, even on hills and wet grass.


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    Smart Power™

    Smart Power™ feature prevents the machine from bogging down in heavy cutting conditions and keeps the blade speed at optimum cutting speed in any condition by automatically slowing down the traction unit ground speed to give more power to the blades.

    SmartCool™ Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

    Engineered with our exclusive SmartCool™ technology, so when things heat up under the hood, the system briefly reverses the cooling fan to blast chaff and debris from the air intake screens. The result, is non-stop improved productivity.

    Major Mowing Capacity

    The Groundsmaster® 4100-D delivers 153N°m (113ft-Ibs) @ 2000 rpm. With so much power at your disposal, it’s easy to digest even a large amount of wet, thick grass. With its unmatched engine torque and patented hydraulic motors that directly drive spindles on each deck, the 4100-D delivers power where you need it most to cut tough grass. Plus, the shallow deck design forces quicker clipping dispersal, allowing the decks to accept more grass on a faster basis.

    Full-time Bi-Directional 4WD

    Designed with a patented parallel hydraulic traction system it contains hydraulic flow between the front and rear wheels, assuring full-time 4-wheel drive in forward and reverse for mowing around objects on challenging hils with confidence. Weight transfer system or counter-balance that improves the cutting deck’s ground following performance and the mower’s hill climbing traction capability.

    Nimble Manoeuvring

    The impressive trimming capability means you can get around even the smallest object. The rare ability to mow a 0″ uncut circle – without wheel brakes – allows you to easily mow striping patterns without leaving any grass uncut.


    With this feature you get helpful maintenance reminders and instant notification of potential problems. During normal operation, the InfoCenter displays clear and simple operating information at a glance, while constantly monitoring the internal health of the machine. Audible and visual alarms notify the operator of a potential problem. In the field or at the shop, technicians can quickly identify the source of the issue. Allows operator to adjust sensitivity of electronically controlled foot pedal when moving. This allows the supervisor to set a maximum mowing speed for greater control of operator usage and quality.

    Superb Trimming

    In addition to effectively mowing a 137 cm to 3.2 m swath, the Groundsmaster® 4100-D offers incredibly tight trimming capabilities. It allows you to trim how you want with one, two, or all three decks engaged, depending on the situation. The 4100-D also features a unique, patented, parallel hydraulic traction system in forward and reverse that makes it much easier to trim around a tree or object without scuffing even while traversing a hill.


    EngineYanmar® 4TNV84T Tier 4 Final, 4 cylinder, Turbo Charged diesel , 55 hp (41 kW) @ 3000 rpm
    Fuel Capacity79.5 litres
    Transport Speed0-24 km/h
    Cooling SystemSmartCool™ System – variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan
    Width of Cut315 cm
    Traction Drive4 Wheel Drive, full-time bi-directional. Parallel hydrostatic, closed loop.
    DimensionsOverall height: 217 cm
    Overall length: 366 cm
    Overall width deck down: 323 cm
    Transport width: 183 cm
    Wheelbase: 140 cm
    Weight1,870 kg
    Warranty2 years limited warranty. Refer to operator’s manual for further details.