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    Groundsmaster® 4500-D (30873)

    Groundsmaster® 4500-D (30873)

    It’s the best of both worlds: a larger than life rotary mower that devours acres of rough one moment, and the next is an ultra-precise cutting machine. The Toro Groundsmaster 4500-D does it all with more torque and power than any mower in its class. With full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive and individual wheel brakes, the Groundsmaster 4500-D delivers the kind of superior handling and control that keeps your operators moving at peak performance. Engineered to never lose its cool.Here’s the coolest advancement in our relentless drive to end downtime. When things start to heat up under the hood, our exclusive SmartCool™ system briefly reverses the cooling fan and blasts chaff and debris from the air intake screens. The result is nonstop productivity.


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    Contour™ Plus Rotary Cutting Units

    The Contour™ Plus cutting technology takes quality of cut to a whole new level. Air inlet pockets keep the grass standing tall for the cleanest possible cut and a modified rear discharge opening disperses clippings more evenly. An optional mulching kit and optional high height of cut blade are also available.

    Smart Power™ Traction

    Smart Power Traction allows even an inexperienced operator to achieve a consistent cut, even on hills and thick patches. By automatically adjusting ground speed when encountering heavy cutting conditions, optimum blade speed is maintained.

    SmartCool™ System With Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

    When things start to heat up under the hood, our exclusive SmartCool™ system briefly reverses the cooling fan and blasts chaff and debris from the air intake screens. The result is nonstop productivity

    Mini InfoCentre

    With this feature you get helpful maintenance reminders and instant notification of potential problems. During normal operation, the InfoCenter displays clear and simple operating information at a glance, while constantly monitoring the internal health of the machine. Audible and visual alarms notify the operator of a potential problem. In the field or at the shop, technicians can quickly identify the source of the issue. Allows operator to adjust sensitivity of electronically controlled foot pedal when moving. This allows the supervisor to set a maximum mowing speed for greater control of operator usage and quality.

    4-Wheel Drive

    The Groundsmaster® 4500-D features a unique, parallel hydraulic traction system that assures full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive. Parallel hydraulic flow between front and rear wheels means that you will have 4-wheel drive assistance in turns, enabling easier trimming around objects without tire scuffing and dependable traction on hills and wet terrain.

    Attractive Striping

    Rear rollers provide an attractive striping effect while you mow, greatly enhancing the finished look of your turf.

    Durable Design

    Proven rugged frame, drivetrain, and components ensure durability and long life. Heavy-duty welded steel decks and frames provide extra durability and long life.

    Easy Service

    Decks can be raised or removed quickly, and enclosures can be pulled off without tools so technicians can get at everything effortlessly.

    Operator Comfort

    The operator area of the Groundsmaster® 4500-D was designed to make work more comfortable with amenities like a large operator platform, multi-size beverage holder, 12-volt outlet, storage box, deluxe seat, and portable radio holder. Operators will also be pleased by the lower sound levels and the additional storage area behind the seat that’s large enough for a water cooler, trash bucket, and other items.


    Engine48 hp (36 kW) Yanmar® 4TNV84T diesel
    Auto Reversing Cooling FanSmartCool™
    Mowing Speed0-11.3 km/h
    Transport Speed0-21 km/h
    Width Of Cut277 cm
    Mowing Rate3.1 hectares/hr
    Traction Drive4WD full-time, bi-directional
    Fuel Capacity83.3 litres
    Weight1,938 kg (with full fluids)
    Warranty2 years limited warranty. Refer to operator’s manual for further details.