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    Groundsmaster® 5910 (31699)

    Groundsmaster® 5910 (31699)

    The Groundsmaster® 5900 Tier 4 series mowers can mow up to 8.4 hectares/hour*. And to match the 16-foot (4.9 m) wide mowing brawn and the 31% fuel-saving^ gain with Tier 4 Yanmar® 3.3 L engine, the 5900 T4 series is loaded with intelligence.

    Smart Power™ allows the operator to effortlessly maintain the correct speed for optimal cutting, while the SmartCool™ system prevents over-heating with auto-reversing cooling fans. An onboard InfoCenter™ gives the operator a quick read on all systems.

    The ROPS-certified cab comes standard with air conditioning and heat and pre-filter kit as well as superb all-round visibility. Easy access for maintenance, front and rear opening windows for 100% outside airflow and low profile roof are some of the features of this Toro factory-fitted cab.

    The new Groundsmaster 5900 Tier 4 series proves beyond doubt that increased efficiency and ease of operation lead to higher productivity and low daily operating costs.

    *Maximum mow rate is calculated at 17.4 km/h with no overlap or stops. Actual mowing rate may vary depending on operator and conditions. ^compared to previous Groundmaster 5900 T3 Series models. Based on side-by-side mowing.


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    Powerful Tier 4 Yanmar® Engine

    3.3 L Yanmar® Tier 4 Final Compliant turbo charged diesel engine, 72 hp (53.7 kW) @2500 rpm, B20 diesel compatible.

    All Season Safety Cab

    The factory installed, permanent safety cab protects the operator with a four-post rollover protection structure (ROPS), tempered safety glass, and climate controlled environment including both air conditioning and heater.

    HybridDrive™ Cutting Deck System

    Belts transfer power more efficiently than hydraulic motors while adding a layer of protection against hydraulic failures. Large diameter spindle housing dissipates impact loads, and dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than ball bearings.

    Flexible Cutting Width

    With the ability to mow widths ranging from 145 cm to 490 cm the Groundsmaster 5900 has the flexibility necessary for nearly any mowing need. The ability to mow a 0 cm uncut circle – without wheel brakes – allows you to easily mow striping patterns without leaving any grass uncut.

    SmartCool™ System with Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

    Sensor-triggered fan reversal clears chaff buildup. It prevents over-heating with auto-reversing cooling fans and reduces operating downtime.

    Full-Time, Bi-Directional 4WD and All Time Traction Assist

    The full-time, 4-wheel drive puts power where it’s needed. The cutting decks automatically take weight off the cutting units for more floatation, and put it on the traction wheels when climbing hills. CrossTrax® all-wheel drive system offers increased cross wheel traction control.

    Onboard InfoCenter™

    The onboard InfoCenter™ displays clear and simple operating information at a glance, while constantly monitoring the internal health of the machine. Audible and visible alarms notify the operator of a potential problem. In the field or at the workshop, technicians can quickly identify the source and solution.

    Smart Power™ Technology

    Prevents the machine from bogging down in heavy cutting conditions and keeps the blade speed at optimum cutting speed in any condition by automatically slowing down the traction unit ground speed to give more power to the blades.

    eFan Cooling System

    Two independently controlled 24v electric fan banks provide system cooling for hydraulics and engine.

    Reduced Operator Vibration

    The air-ride suspension seat adjusts to the operator’s desired firmness for maximum comfort. The seat adjusts with easy moves of height and angle levers for an ergonomic fit to the operator, and the armrests adjust to a comfortable angle.

    Integrated ControlArm™ with Fingertip Electronic Controls

    Controls are logically organised and easy to access from the operator’s seat control arm.


    Engine72 hp Yanmar® 3.3 L, EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emissions compliant, turbo charged diesel
    Width of Cut490 cm
    Fuel Capacity132 litres
    Mowing Speed (Max)17.4 km/h
    Transport Speed32.2 km/h
    Mow Rate (Max)8.4 hectares/hour**

    *Maximum mow rate is calculated at 17.4 km/h with no overlap or stops. Actual mowing rate may vary depending on operator and conditions.

    Cooling SystemSmartCool™ System – Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan
    Traction Drive4WD parallel hydrostatic
    SteeringUncut circle – 0″ diameter. Turning radius – 218 cm
    TyresFront: 29 x 12 – 15, 6 ply rating, 32 psi
    Rear: 23 x 10.50 – 12, 6 ply rating, 30 psi
    Safety CabFour-post rollover protection structure (ROPS) certified cab with tempered safety glass and climate controlled environment including both air conditioning and heater.
    ControlsControl arm, right armrest, travels with seat and suspension. Deck lift/lower, electrohydraulic switches.
    Throttle: electronic, variable. Traction pedal, electronic.
    Park brakes: double-motion switch. Steering; hydrostatic load sensing.
    Other: High/low range, PTO, cruise control, horn, key switch, wing deck transport latches (manual).
    DimensionsWidth: Transport: 251 cm, Mow: 505 cm
    Length: 442 cm
    Height: 241 cm
    Wheelbase: 196 cm
    Ground Clearance26.1 cm
    Weight3,313 kg  – with full fluids
    Warranty2 years limited warranty. Refer to operator’s manual for further details.