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    Groundsmaster 7200 60″ Side Discharge

    Groundsmaster 7200 60″ Side Discharge

    The Groundsmaster® 7210-D is a zero turn rotary mower that is rugged enough to be called a Groundsmaster.

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    The Groundsmaster® 7210-D is a zero turn rotary mower that is rugged enough to be called a Groundsmaster.

    Powerful Yanmar 36.8hp (27.4kW), 3-cylinder, liquid cooled diesel engine combined with decks that use the industry’s toughest spindle assembly, match power and durability for commercial operators. Convert the Groundsmaster 7210-D from mowing into a powerful snow removal machine in less than 4 hours with the PolarTrac® system.

    Configuration Options:

    Groundsmaster 7210 non-cab unit
    Groundsmaster 7210 with All-Season Safety Cab
    Groundsmaster 7210 with All-Season Safety Cab and PolarTrac® System

    Groundsmaster® 7200 Models can be configured with one of the following decks:

    Deck Options:

    60″ side discharge
    62″ rear discharge deck
    62″ Guardian Recycler deck
    72″ side discharge
    72″ rear discharge
    72″ Guardian Recycler and Fine Cut Guardian kits
    100″ rear discharge deck

    Industry’s Toughest Spindle Assembly

    The cast iron spindle housings feature a massive 9 inch (22.9 cm) diameter base and eight-bolt mounting pattern that spread impact loads across a broader area of the robust deck shell. Combine that with the high-efficiency, tapered roller bearings that offer greater durability than spindles that use ball bearings. The result is greater stability and strength, providing longer deck and spindle life.

    Folding Rollover Protection System (ROPS)

    A Rollover Protection System (ROPS), complete with seat belt, comes standard for operator protection in the case of accidental rollovers and tipovers. In situations where sufficient vertical clearance is not available, such as loading on an enclosed trailer, the ROPS can be temporarily unlocked and folded down.

    7-Gauge Welded Steel Decks

    The deck shells are constructed from high-strength 7-gauge welded steel, 33% thicker and 75% stronger than ordinary 10 gauge commercial steel used in 7/10 decks.

    Steel Blades

    The high-strength one-quarter inch (6 mm) thick heat-treated alloy steel blades resist flexing and abrasive wear. The result is a crisp cut time after time.

    Rubber Discharge Deflector

    The discharge deflector on the 72″ (183 cm) side discharge and 60″ (152 cm) side discharge decks is constructed of durable 5/16″ (8 mm) thick rubber and allows for close trimming without damaging chute or landscape structures. Patent-pending design provides exceptional dispersion.

    Quick Attach System™ (QAS)

    With the QAS, anyone can switch from one attachment to another in less than a minute, with no tools required! Quickly get your fields back into playing condition. Accessories include: Debris Blower, Finish Grader, Tooth Rake, Drag Mat Carrier System, Cocoa Drag Mat, Steel Drag Mat, and Grooming Broom.


    Tight wheel base, power steering and individual steering brakes allow for expert handling and increased productivity.

    Operator Comfort

    The electric-clutch deck engagement is smoother than the manual systems and the new air ride seat suspension glides over the bumps.


    36.8hp (27.4kW) Yanmar® T4 Diesel Engine

    Attachment lift system

    Quick Attach System™ (QAS) allows swapping of attachments without tools; Discharge Chute or the angular position of both the Rotary Broom and Straight Blade


    Attachment Controls: Two foot pedals; Left pedal: Raise/Lower/Hold/ Float; Right pedal: Attachment angle control–right/left


    Cab Light System: Work/road lights, turn signals, flashers and tail lamps

    Track System

    Three wheels distribute weight over each track; front two wheels are mounted to a walking axle permitting motion without losing track tension

    Fuel Capacity

    11.5 gallons (43.5 liters)


    Polar Trac® Cab: ROPS certified, tinted safety glass, includes heater/pressurizer, front wiper, dome light, upholstered interior, floor mat, rubber isolator mounts

    Engine Displacement


    Track Tread

    Kevlar reinforced rubber compound